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Why You Should Have A Personal Blog as A Pentester

  3 minute read  

Writing on a personal blog is a really great investment in yourself. It shows gumption and can be a sign that you take your career seriously. It can be an outward display that you โ€œknow your stuff.โ€ A person blog is also a great place to link to open-source projects you work on, or tools youโ€™ve written or CTFs youโ€™ve participated in.

Twenty Days of Consistent Writing

  2 minute read  

What happens to your brain when you write every day? The results are pretty interesting, at least for me personally.

Complexity Is The Enemy Of Security

  2 minute read  

As a Security Practitioner, you win or lose by how you strategize, plan, design and build. To me thatโ€™s some of the most enjoyable parts of security. Thinking of creative ways to solve problems. The issue becomes, sometimes the more creative we are, the more complexity we add. Complexity adds to confusion. Confusion leads to more problems and problems lead to incidents.