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How to Check a Sketchy Link Without Clicking It

  3 minute read

Let’s say you’re working through your dozens of emails, responding to clients or customers or business partners and you come across this one email from your bank informing you that you need to reset your password. This email comes completely out of the blue and to top it off you don’t recognize the senders email address. Do you click it?

2019 SANS Holiday Hack Challenge Write Up

  1 minute read

Ho ho ho and welcome to my very first ever SANS Holiday Hack Challenge write-up! That’s right this is the very first time I have participated in a Holiday Hack Challenge and to be honest, this is the first Capture the Flag I have participated ever in my life. I haven’t even had the privilege yet to attend a SANS event. Although I hope to change that soon. That might sound crazy but it’s true. I...

AWS re:Inforce 2019 - Themes and Thoughts

  3 minute read

The Inagural re:Inforce This year was the inagural AWS re:Inforce conference, held in Boston, June 25-26th. For anyone unfamiliar re:Inforce is a conference dedicated solely to security OF and security IN AWS.

Anatomy Lesson of a UPS Phishing Email

  2 minute read

There is bound to be a number of phishing emails you will get that will be easy to spot. Fortunatly there is still a fair amount of large phishing campaigns that take more of the spray and pray approach than one of researching and targeting a specific organization or person. The ones that can really get you are the simple ones, with just a little text, a photo of a trusted brand and a link and ...

Quick And Easy Ways to Protect Your Company From CEO Fraud

  5 minute read

In this blog post i’m going to share one quick and easy technique you can use to protect your company from 2 different types of CEO fraud. The technique I detail in this blog post is not the only way to detect these emails. It’s just one of many ways. Also. please know that nothing in this blog post is new or ground breaking. I don’t propose any new fancy techniques. There are times in security...