Twenty Days of Consistent Writing

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What happens to your brain when you write every day? The results are pretty interesting, at least for me personally.

*I have written a blog post every day for the last 20 days.

One small caveat is that I did miss a few back to back days in that stretch and I only wrote during the week. The during the week part was intentional. Missing consequetive days was not. :O)

Why I wanted to write every day

Short answer: I feel like I have something to say.

Long answer: I write because

I wanted to write every day to further develop my understanding of information I ingest and things I learn or read. Such as the meaning of success, what defines a leader and what winning and losing looks like.

I wanted to write every day to solidify my own beleifs and feelings on subjects such as how I feel about opportunity in the world we live in today or what I think are important qualities for infosec practitioners.

I wanted to write every day to provide value, educate, inform, entertain, inspire and/or motivate. That’s what I hoped to accomplish with this infosec thought experiment and this post about one of my favorite places on earth, Quebec. I also hoped to inform or motivate others to use a password manager. Seriously though, use a password manager. :O)

What I got out of this experiment

This has been a really rewarding experiment for me.

It has provided me an opportunity to personally grow in new ways.

It has helped me connect with new people.

It has helped me become a more avid reader.

I really enjoy sitting down and writing before starting my work day. It is kind of like a mental warm up for the day. It helps me get primed and ready to tackle the more nuanced and challenging parts of my work.

Thank you

If you have made it this far and have been reading all these posts, firstly, thank you. Second, I would love to know what has kept you sticking around? Hit me up on Twitter or LinkedIn and let me know.

Even if you have never read anything I post but you’re reading this now, thank you. I hope what I have shared provided you some sort of value or entertainment or inspiration. I hope that I leave you more positive and better than before you got here. :O)

Where do I go from here?

Well, I don’t plan on stopping. I’m going to continue to write every day. This is fun. I enjoy it. I think it makes me a better person and and a better security practitioner.

See ya tomorrow!