Why You Need To Use a Password Manager

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Passwords are like underwear. There’s only a few pairs we like wearing and they all stink. In the next 93 seconds I’m going to explain why YOU need to use a password manager.

Did you know the average person has over 90 online accounts? Can you name 90 of something? Go ahead I’ll wait.

Name 90 car models..

Name 90 sports teams…

Name the last 90 foods you ate..

You can’t. Because we humans stink at remembering things.

Did you also know that the service have I been pwned has seen over half a billion passwords exposed in data breaches.

That’s A LOT of passwords.

When you use the same password for multiple sites you put yourself and those accounts at risk. A data breach and exposure of passwords in one service could lead to a criminal being able to login to all your other accounts where you use that password.

Use a password manager. It will remember all your passwords for you, so you can have long, strong, unique passwords for EVERY account. If you’re at all curious to go on a deeper dive into the reasons WHY you should use a password manager and HOW exactly you use one, I created a video just for that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLzz3C7a6Qw

Rachel Tobac does one of the best jobs ever explaining this concept, and she does it with a sea shanty. If you’re like me and have never heard that word before, it is ok. A sea shanty is a type of folk song that is commonly sung as a work song to accompany rythmical labor.

You know what, it’s just better if you watch it: https://twitter.com/racheltobac/status/1352409636792492035