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Your success does not come at the expense of anyone else’s success.

Thinking Infinitely

I am currently reading The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek and the core theme of the book is this ideology that having an “infinite” mindset is far better and leads to more success and happiness (long term) than having a finite mindset. Infinite, is what I thnik of when I think of the word abundance.

In contrast, infinite-minded leaders don’t ask their people to fixate on finite goals; they ask their people to help them figure out a way to advance toward a more infinite vision of the future that benefits everyone. - Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

By having an infinite mindset and by not fixiting on finite goals and by having a vision and a “Just Cause,” as the book puts it, we are actively pursuing and simultaneously cultaving abdunance.

Abundance is not just about me, it’s about we.

I believe there has never been more opportunity to be successful than right now. Go out there, put in the work, work hard, be brave, have fun, and go after it!