Securing Your Home Network and Personal Devices

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Here are a few quick tips that will help you secure your home network as well as your personal devices like your phone and your computer or laptop.

Securing your Home Network

  • Create a strong wifi password 20+ characters

  • Change default administrative password, and if possible, the username

  • Remember to also make the admin password strong, 20+ characters

  • Use the strongest encryption available
    • Currently WPA2 with AES
  • Don’t allow your router to be administered remotely over the internal

Securing your Personal Devices

  • Set your computer to auto-update

  • Set your phone to auto-update, even apps

  • Create a strong password for your phone/computer (lock screen)

  • Turn on FindMyiPhone for iOs or Device Manager for Android

  • Set your phone and computer to automatically lock after a few minutes

  • Use a VPN (such as NordVPN) especially when traveling

  • Don’t leave your phone or computer unlocked in a public place

  • Disable Wifi/Bluetooth when not needed

Things to not worry about

  • Don’t bother hiding the SSID (the wifi name)
    • It’s trivial for someone to discover the name even if it’s “hidden”